Guided Tours in Verona and the Venetian area, explore!


Itineraries in Verona

Guided Tours in Verona and the Venetian areaClassical guided tour of Verona

Art, food & wine tourVerona by night

Undiscovered Verona – Arena of Verona – Roman Verona

A romantic-historical walk: on the steps of Romeo and Juliet – 

Verona by car or by bus 

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Itineraries outside Verona and the Venetian area


The wine routes of Soave – Valpolicella – Custoza – Bardolino – Valdadige

Lake Garda –  Palladian Villas in the whole Venitian area –

Sanctuaries – Gardens and parks and The cultivation of rice in the “Bassa” Plain

Explore towns near Verona

Mantua  –  Padua – Walled towns Vicenza the city of Andrea Palladio – 

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