The district around Verona

Then let yourself be taken into the province where its varied landscapes will show you hills rich in vineyards, olive groves and cherry orchards, mountains with caves, sinks, marble sphinxes, ravines and the effects of slow soil-erosion.

You can relax among rivers, lakes and hills and you will finally come to the extensive veronese plains which abound in springs and rivers where hardworking, patient people have cultivated rice over the centuries.

Ask for a guide to the province of Verona and specify your needs. Some ideas and themes:

The wine routes of Soave – Valpolicella – Custoza – Bardolino – Valdadige – Lake Garda – 

Palladian Villas in the whole Veneto area – Sanctuaries – Gardens and parks and The cultivation of rice in the “Bassa” Plain

Walled towns in the Veneto region


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