Classical tour of Verona

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A walk through Verona 

The classical tour of Verona is a guided tour for visitors in Verona for the first time: you’ll be taken through the most significative places of a 2200 years old city.

where the walking tour starts

Verona classical tour starts from Piazza Bra, the square dominated by the magnificent Roman Amphitheatre. The visit to this monument is highly recommended as it’s the best preserved amphitheatre. The neoclassical building on the square is palazzo Barbieri , today’s Town hall.

through the medieval city

After a stop at the most famous balcony in the world, Juliet’s balcony, our classical tour will  proceed through the characteristic market square, Piazza Erbe, the old roman forum. Here you’ll see the imposant palazzo Maffei, the Madonna fountain. The staue is Roman, except for the head. The basin of the fountain comes from the Roman thermal baths. the Lamberti Tower, the Domus Mercatorum or merchant’s headquarters in the middleages.

Follows the elegant Piazza dei SignoriCortile Mercato Vecchio, the rests of a roman road …the House of Romeo, the Scala Family area where especially relevant is the Cemetery of the Scala Family…

by the river Adige

The classical tour of Verona ends by the river Adige in front of the  archeological rests of the Roman Theatre (I.bC). The remains of the Theatre were discovered in the XIX Century buried beneath some civil and religious buildings. Today in summertime, in the theatre there is an interesting programm of concerts, commedies, tragedies, ballets, etc….

This guided walking tour can also starts in other places of the city. When you reserve, please let’s us know if you will arrive in Verona or if you will already be in the city. In the second case, your guide will be able to meet you at your hotel.

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