What visit in a day in Verona

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What visit in one day in Verona? the city, above all, preserves the traces, the remains, the monuments of Romanity. The city itself in the basic structure is Roman: many of the old streets of Verona are still those traced in the first century BC. But even more fascinating is the fact that the memory of the Roman city (link a verona romana)has remained through the centuries transmigrating from the arches of the Amphitheater, in the architecture of all time.

Piazza Bra

Those arriving from Verona Sud, from the railway station or from the airport can easily reach Piazza Bra, today the main square of Verona.  It is a large irregular space with palaces and monuments  representing all epochs. The palaces overlooking the curve of the Liston, host under the arcades tidy, elegant  cafes and restaurants  … in front of you find a neoclassical building, it looks like a classical temple: it is Palazzo Barbieri today Town Hall. Within the medieval walls, the Gran Guardia, it hosts exhibitions and other events. Finally here is the Amphitheater, for the Veronese,  the Arena (link). The visit is highly recommended, the immense interior offers an unforgettable view. Always  in Piazza Bra is the Museo Lapidario which houses an extraordinary collection of Etruscan, Greek and Roman tombstones and inscriptions.

The hearth of Verona

Walking along the narrow and marble paved Via Mazzini, one reach the heart of the ancient city, Piazza Erbe, the market square with the frescoed Mazzanti houses, Palazzo Maffei, the Torre del Gardello, the Palazzo del Comune, the Domus Mercatorum … a few steps away  Cortile Mercato Vecchio, the elegant Piazza dei Signori, the Scala family private church, cemetery and palaces for a spectacular view of the city and the surrounding region the advice is to climb the Torre dei Lamberti, 83m high (there is a lift too!)

In the nearby Via Cappello is the Casa di Giulietta, a splendid example of a medieval house: try to go there early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Don’t limit the visit at the courtyard, but go inside to see what a merchant house in the middle age looked like.  At the end of the street are interesting remains of the Roman Gate  dei Leoni. A few steps away, facing the Adige river, one of the most beautiful Veronese churches, San Fermo Maggiore: the upper church has an extraordinary wooden ceiling and amazing frescos …

Along the river Adige

Walking along the river Adige you reach the areas of the Roman Theater with the recently restored archeological museum and Ponte Pietra, the Roman Bridge … At ten minute walk  is the Cathedral complex  with the exquisite octagonal baptismal font  decorated with bas-reliefs of scenes from Christ’s life. Nearby one of the oldest Library in Europe: Biblioteca Capitolare, it contains a unique collection of early volumes, miniatures and manuscripts.

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